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Pesca boxes (self preparation)

Pesca box

4-course dinner for 2, with two tasty fish dishes and a delicious dessert: 4 oysters with mignonette sauce; Tuna Tataki...

Shared dinner Pesca box

6-course dinner for 2, with 5 tasty fish dishes, a delicious dessert and a bottle of white wine: 4 oysters with...

Cold starters (self preparation)

Salmon Carpaccio

Salmon Carpaccio with little gem, lime mayonnaise, radish, herb vinaigrette and wasabi nuts. Allergens: fish, mustard,...
Temporarily unavailable

Tuna Tataki with cream of carrot & bimi

Tuna Tataki with cream of carrot, bimi, soya marshmallow and emping. Allergens: fish, soya, dairy, nuts, eggs....
Temporarily unavailable

Swordfish carpaccio & pappadum

Marinated swordfish carpaccio with pappadum, tomato-paprika compote, shaved fennel, herb oil and shaved almonds.  
Temporarily unavailable

Charente-Maritime oysters (12 pieces)

A dozen Charente-Maritime oysters (12 pieces), served with mignonette sauce and lime. Be careful: the oysters still have...

Charente-Maritime oysters (25 pieces)

A box of Charente-Maritime oysters (25 pieces), served with mignonette sauce and lime. Be careful: the oysters still...

Warm Starters ( self preparation)

Scallops with beurre noisette & Dutch shrimp

Seared scallops (4 pieces) with parsnip cream, beurre noisette, Dutch shrimp, Romanesco and parsnip crisps. Allergies:...
Temporarily unavailable

Half lobster au gratin with garlic butter

Half lobster au gratin with garlic butter and tomatoes. Allergens: crustaceans, dairy, solanum. Includes instructions...
Temporarily unavailable

Tuna steak with salsa verde

Tuna steak (ca. 100 grams) with an olive paste, salsa verde and crispy sweet potato. Allergens: fish. Instructions and...

Pulpo with fregula and chorizo oil

Pulpo with fregula, red pepper coulis , chorizo oil and shaved almonds. Allergens: mollusk, nuts, gluten. Instructions...

Prawns with salsa verde

Prawns (8 pieces) with salsa verde, garlic oil and lemon. Allergens: shellfish. Instructions and ingredients are...

Warm main courses (self preparation)

Salmon with serrano ham

Salmon with serrano ham with asparagus, cream of peas, truffle & topinambour chips and samphire. Allergens: fish,...
Temporarily unavailable

Turbot with white and green asparagus, baby potatoes and hollandaise

Turbot with white and green asparagus, baby potatoes and hollandaise. Allergens: fish, dairy, chicken egg, sulfite....
Temporarily unavailable

Monk fish with sweet pepper & Baba Ganoush

Monk fish with sweet pepper, Baba Ganoush, pomegranate, tabouleh, pepper coulis, garlic oil and crispy chickpeas....
Temporarily unavailable

Halibut with black rice & pumpkin vinaigrette

Crispy skin halibut (boneless) with black rice, red onions, oven roasted zucchini and pumpkin vinaigrette. Allergens:...
Temporarily unavailable

Desserts (self preparation)

French Toast with white chocolate mousse and rhubarb

French Toast with rhubarb compote, poached rhubarb, white chocolate mousse and sugared almonds. Allergens: dairy, egg,...
Temporarily unavailable

Chocolade Nemesis

Chocolate Nemesis with strawberry, stracciatella, crispy yoghurt, strawberry jam and mint syrup. Allergens: dairy and...
Temporarily unavailable


''Het is Pesca gelukt om dezelfde sfeer thuis te creëren als in het restaurant met hun overheerlijke gerechten en persoonlijke afspeellijst.''

Erik Hoogland

''De zeebaars was echt puur genot, zou zo morgen weer bestellen!''