Terms and Conditions

These general conditions apply to gift vouchers issued by Pesca. By using a Pesca gift voucher you accept these conditions and undertake to comply with them.

1. These conditions apply to all the vouchers issued by Pesca.

2. Every voucher has a unique code. This can be a number code and / or pin and / or text code. Every gift voucher is only once supplied with this unique code. You must keep the gift voucher (including the code) carefully. In case of theft (including the use of the code by unauthorised third parties) or loss no reimbursement will take place.

Only original gift certificates can be used and must be provided to Pesca on request. Pesca reserves the right to accept a gift certificate only after receipt of the original gift certificate and in case of improper use to require payment in money.

3. The nature, value, duration and/or possible other specific use conditions you find on the gift vouchers in which the code has been incorporated. Every gift voucher is valid during an indefinite period.

4. Gift Vouchers issued by Pesca are only redeemable at Pesca.

5. Gift Vouchers or residual value are not redeemable for money or credit.

8. The residual value of the Gift Voucher cannot be used for the next visit. The residual value is not transferable.

11. If the total amount of the order is higher than the value of the used gift voucher(s), the difference must be paid with one of the other payment methods that are accepted within Pesca.

13. It is not permitted gift vouchers or the functioning thereof to modify, falsify, undermine or otherwise to affect.

14. Every (attempt to) fraud or other not permitted operation is registered and leads that the use of gift vouchers is denied.

15. It is not permitted to use gift vouchers in any way whatsoever for commercial purposes and/or other purposes than for which they have been issued.

16. These gift voucher conditions can be modified from time to time. We recommend you to consult the conditions each time before the use of a gift voucher. If you continue to use gift vouchers after the changes have taken effect, then you accept the changed gift voucher conditions with that.

17. You can redeem an unlimited amount of Gift Vouchers per visit.

18. Gift Vouchers are redeemable in combination with the 10% Ambassador Bonus. Gift vouchers are not redeemable in combination with other actions and/or promotions.

18. If you have any questions or comments about the use of the Gift Vouchers or problems redeeming them, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us.

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