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For Amsterdam citizens
Do you live within the A10 motorway of Amsterdam and are you keen to feast on some delicious fish dishes tonight? Add ‘Delivery tonight in Amsterdam’ to your order notes and we will make sure your dinner gets delivered to you shortly. Or choose 'take-away' and pick-up your order after 4.00 PM on a daily basis.

Complete dishes

Pesca boxes (self preparation)

Pesca box

4-course dinner for 2, with two tasty fish dishes and a delicious dessert: 4 oysters with mignonette sauce; Tuna Tataki ...

Shared dinner Pesca box

6-course dinner for 2, with 5 tasty fish dishes, a delicious dessert and a bottle of white wine: 4 oysters with ...

Cold starters (self preparation)

Salmon Carpaccio

Salmon Carpaccio with little gem, lime mayonnaise, radish, herb vinaigrette and wasabi nuts. Allergens: fish, mustard, ...
Temporarily unavailable

Tuna Tataki with cream of carrot & bimi

Tuna Tataki with cream of carrot, bimi, soya marshmallow and emping. Allergens: fish, soya, dairy, nuts, eggs. ...
Temporarily unavailable

Swordfish carpaccio & pappadum

Marinated swordfish carpaccio with pappadum, tomato-paprika compote, shaved fennel, herb oil and shaved almonds.  
Temporarily unavailable

Charente-Maritime oysters (12 pieces)

A dozen Charente-Maritime oysters (12 pieces), served with mignonette sauce and lime. Be careful: the oysters still have ...

Charente-Maritime oysters (25 pieces)

A box of Charente-Maritime oysters (25 pieces), served with mignonette sauce and lime. Be careful: the oysters still ...

Warm Starters ( self preparation)

Scallops with beurre noisette & Dutch shrimp

Seared scallops (4 pieces) with parsnip cream, beurre noisette, Dutch shrimp, Romanesco and parsnip crisps. Allergies: ...
Temporarily unavailable

Half lobster au gratin with garlic butter

Half lobster au gratin with garlic butter and tomatoes. Allergens: crustaceans, dairy, solanum. Includes instructions ...
Temporarily unavailable

Tuna steak with salsa verde

Tuna steak (ca. 100 grams) with an olive paste, salsa verde and crispy sweet potato. Allergens: fish. Instructions and ...

Pulpo with fregula and chorizo oil

Pulpo with fregula, red pepper coulis , chorizo oil and shaved almonds. Allergens: mollusk, nuts, gluten. Instructions ...

Prawns with salsa verde

Prawns (8 pieces) with salsa verde, garlic oil and lemon. Allergens: shellfish. Instructions and ingredients are ...

Warm main courses (self preparation)

Salmon with serrano ham

Salmon with serrano ham with asparagus, cream of peas, truffle & topinambour chips and samphire. Allergens: fish, ...
Temporarily unavailable

Turbot with white and green asparagus, baby potatoes and hollandaise

Turbot with white and green asparagus, baby potatoes and hollandaise. Allergens: fish, dairy, chicken egg, sulfite. ...
Temporarily unavailable

Monk fish with sweet pepper & Baba Ganoush

Monk fish with sweet pepper, Baba Ganoush, pomegranate, tabouleh, pepper coulis, garlic oil and crispy chickpeas. ...
Temporarily unavailable

Halibut with black rice & pumpkin vinaigrette

Crispy skin halibut (boneless) with black rice, red onions, oven roasted zucchini and pumpkin vinaigrette. Allergens: ...
Temporarily unavailable

Desserts (self preparation)

French Toast with white chocolate mousse and rhubarb

French Toast with rhubarb compote, poached rhubarb, white chocolate mousse and sugared almonds. Allergens: dairy, egg, ...
Temporarily unavailable

Chocolade Nemesis

Chocolate Nemesis with strawberry, stracciatella, crispy yoghurt, strawberry jam and mint syrup. Allergens: dairy and ...
Temporarily unavailable

Fresh from the market (order before 17:30)

Whole fishes ( order before 17:30)

Small sole fish

A whole small sole fish. The weight of this fish is around 200 grams. 

Sea bass

A whole sea bass. The weight of this fish is around 400 grams. 


A complete turbot. The weight of this fish is around 800 grams. 

Fillet ( order before 17:30)

Red bass filet

A fillet of red bass. The weight per fillet is around 250 grams.

Halibut fillet

A fillet of halibut. The weight per fillet is around 200 grams. 

Monkfish tail fillet

A fillet of monkfish tail. The weight per fillet is around 300 grams. 

Tuna steak fillet

The tuna steak fillet is sold per piece. The weight of this item is around 200 grams. 

Shellfish (order before 17:30)

Prawns (8 pieces)

8 prawns, originating from Argentina. 

Prawns (box)

A box of prawns, originating from Argentina. A box contains around 35 prawns. 

Shellfish ( order before 17:30)

Charente-Maritime oysters (12 pieces)

A dozen Charente-Maritime oysters (12 pieces), served with mignonette sauce and lime. Be careful: the oysters still have ...

Charente-Maritime oysters (25 pieces)

A box of Charente-Maritime oysters (25 pieces), served with mignonette sauce and lime. Be careful: the oysters still ...


Octopus tentacle

The octopus tentacles are sold per piece. The weight of the tentacle is around 100 grams. 

Canned goods

Sardines by Ortiz

The well known sardines by Ortiz, served in olive oil. Allergens: fish. 

White tuna by Ortiz

The well known white tuna by Ortiz, served in olive oil. Allergens: fish.

Wines and limoncello



The one and only Pesca Giftcard. You can surprise your friends (or just keep it for yourself).

Wines & Limoncello


Torre del Gall – Brut Reserva

A Cava from Catalunya. As most of the Cava’s this sparkling wine is a little bit more sweet then the counterpart ...

Raventos – Blanc de Blancs Brut Organic

A cava from Catalunya. Just like the rest in Catalunya, they do things differently than the rest of Spain. Cava’s ...

Phillipponnat – Champagne aoc Brut

Een grand cru champagne, uiteraard uit het gelijknamige gebied. Wijnhuis Philipponnat dateert terug tot maar liefst 1522 ...

Philipponat – Champagne aoc Brut MAGNUM

Een grand cru champagne, uiteraard uit het gelijknamige gebied. Wijnhuis Philipponnat dateert terug tot maar liefst 1522 ...

White wine

Morando – Pinot Grigio

Een Pinot Grigio uit Veneto, Italië. Dit wijngebied ligt in het hartje van de Valpolicella, bekend van de Amarone en ...

Muros Antigos – Escolha

A Vinho Verde, named after the region in Portugal. Alvarinho gives the wine structure and body. Loureiro contributes to ...

Spier Signatur range – Chenin Blanc

One of the oldest grape varieties from South Africa from one the oldest wine houses from The Cape. What makes these ...

De Wetshof – Chardonnay “sur lie”

A chardonnay from the Robertson Valley, South-Africa. Sur Lie is a technique where the wine is aging in yeast, which ...

Petit Bourgouis – Sauvignon Blanc

A Sauvignon Blanc from the Sancerre regio.

Martin Codax – Albariño

An Albariño from Galicia. Galicia is also seen as the Walhalla of white wines in from Spain. The humid climate gives ...

Dr. Deinhard – Weissburgunder

A Weissburgunder from the Pfalz region in Germany. The Weissburgunder is the German equivalent from the Pinot Blanc. The ...

Jose Pariente – Verdejo Rueda do

A Verdejo from the Rueda area, Spain. Verdejo is becoming more and more popular and this is not surprisingly. The ...

Fritsch – Gruner Veltliner ‘Wagram qba’

A traditional Gruner Veltliner from Austria. The Wagram region is known for the loess soil, which is richer than

Meri – Vermentino di Sardegna doc

Een vermentino uit Sardinië. de vermentino druif heeft al geen introductie meer nodig, helemaal als je weet dat het ...

Schouwen D®uivenland – Auxerrois

Een wijn van eigen bodem., uit Zeeland om precies te zijn! De druif is familie van de pinot grigio. Hiernaast zorgt de ...

Gilbert Piqc – Chablis aoc

A wine, named after the region, close to the Bourgogne. In the past Chablis was also known as oyster water and ...

Les Baronnes – Sancerre aop

Een 100% sauvignon blanc uit het toch wel wereldberoemde dorp in de Loire-streek. De witte klei die het grootste ...

Spier 21 Gables – Chenin blanc

A 100% Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch, South-Africa. 21 gables is the more luxury edition, part of the big winery Spier. ...

Director’s cut – Chardonnay

A chardonnay from California, made by the director of The Godfather. Hell yeah! Francis Ford Coppola uses French oak ...

Chateau Chamirey – Mercurey Blanc aoc

In de Bourgogne gebruiken ze eigenlijk maar 2 druiven: voor rood is het pinot noir en voor wit is het de chardonnay. ...

La Gardine – Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc aoc

Wellicht het bekendste wijndorp ter wereld: chateauneuf-du-pape, uit de Rhone, is al sinds jaar dag synoniem aan klasse ...

Pascal Clément – Meursault aoc

Het bekendste dorp uit een van de bekendste wijnregio’s ter wereld: Mersault is een begrip als het gaat om ...

Red wine

Nespolino – Rubicone igt

Een combinatie van een Sangiovese en Merlot uit Italie, iets ten zuidwesten van Bologna. De Merlot zorgt voor de ...

La Boscana – Costers del Segre Tinto do

La Boscana is het Catalaanse woord voor bos. Dat is terecht, want deze wijn doet denken aan ontspanning, natuur en ...

Cembra – Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero is the Italian equivalent of the Pinot Noir. Trentino is located in the northern of Italy, close to the Alps. ...

San Rocco – Valpolicella Ripasso doc

Ripasso della Valpolicella komt uit hetzelfde dorp als de wereldberoemde Amarone. Ook worden ze van grotendeels dezelfde ...

Chateau Fougueyrat – St. Emillion grand cru

Een typische rode wijn uit de Bordeaux. De wijnstokken op dit terrioir zijn gemiddeld 30 jaar oud. Dit alles leidt tot ...

Luca – Pinot Noir

A Pinot Noir from the Menzoda area in Argentina. The vineyard is located at 1500 meters above ground level. This, is ...

Spier 21 Gables – Pinotage

This Pinotage is from Stellenbosch, South-Africa. This Pinotage is aged in Hungarian and American oak wood, which leads ...

Marne 180 – Amarone della Valpolicella docg

Eén van werelds’ bekendste wijnen. En niet zonder reden: een mondvol wijn, met een rijke en levendige smaak, ...

Pio Cesare – Barbaresco docg

De Barbaresco is een ultieme Nebbiolo wijn, dat wil zeggen een wijn die door het gebruik van de Nebbiolodruif van nature ...

Domaine des Perdrix – Vosne Romanée aoc

Als het op rode wijnen aankomt is Vosne Romanee het bekendste dorp uit de Bourgogne. En niet zonder reden. De pinot ...



The one and only Pesca Limoncello!



''Het is Pesca gelukt om dezelfde sfeer thuis te creëren als in het restaurant met hun overheerlijke gerechten en persoonlijke afspeellijst.''

Erik Hoogland

''De zeebaars was echt puur genot, zou zo morgen weer bestellen!''